Our company’s foundation was generated from countless cumulative shared experiences of persons journey to recovery. Similarly, our organization’s name was inspired by a traditional phrase used to promote positive change “Push that Up” as participants encouraged one another during group sharing time. 

Founder, Kizzey Collins has endured her own set of challenges as a recipient of a dysfunctional family system, a homeless teen, a pregnant and parenting teen, and a single mother. However, after developing an understanding and value of education, personal development and professional development she continues to reach her goals through commitment, consistency, courage, communication, community, and connections. 

“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.”– Seneca

U. S. H. Up Recovery is a recovery-oriented peer-run organization established to promote health and wellness for individuals through a trauma-informed holistic approach of evidence-based practices, innovative education and training, and person-centered peer support. We provide various services to individuals who desire to create a healthier and happier lifestyle but lack the ability to do so on their own.

U. S. H. Up Recovery envisions a supportive, suitable, and safe space that will accommodate individuals in reaching their full potential by generating equitable opportunities and assisting persons to transform lived experiences into strengths for the purpose of enhancing the quality of lives as well as improving relations with self, family, and community.

An honorable tribute to my parents – “Recovery is a We Thing”

The most influential man in my life is my father. My father was steadfast, loyal, and courageous. Unfortunately, my father was unable to overcome alcoholism before his earthly journey came to an end. Nevertheless, I proclaim my gratitude for the positive qualities and values he passed on to me.

I feel an enormous sense of appreciation for my mother. My mother placed great value on being kind and sharing with others. Although my mother continues to battle with the disease of addiction, I must honor her for passing along one of the best qualities for improving and maintaining relationships—compassion.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” ― Andy Warhol

Our Mission: 

To educate, encourage, and equip individuals. To promote enhanced quality of life and elevated relations with self, family, and community.  

Our Vision: 

We envision supportive, suitable, and safe space that will accommodate individuals in reaching their full potential. 

Our Values: 

Community, Connections, Courage, Compassion, Consideration, Charity, & Commitment 

Our Promise: 

We promise to render recovery-oriented, person-centered, relationship-focused, and trauma informed support and services.